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Waltzing At The Doomsday Ball is written by the author Joe Bageant. In the introduction we learn a little bit about Joe Bageant’s writing, like what, why, and how he chooses to publish talk about his opinions. He submits most of his works of literature online except for his two books, Hunting Deer With Jesus and Waltzing At The Doomsday Ball. Joe published more of his work on the internet because he found the internet to be a more efficient way of getting his point of view out as Ken Smith stated in the introduction “Joe said that the internet gave him a voice, but the author argues that the internet just gave him an audience” (pg. 2). His literature mostly revolved around the social classes within America, and especially the overlooked white Americans. Most of who were poor rednecks that were often looked down upon by the elites and liberals.

Joe Bageant was from Winchester, VA, and in Waltzing At The Doomsday Ball it is where chapter one starts off with his hometown. It goes on about how in this small town the political norm was suppose to be for liberals who shared the same political standards, and anything different would disturbing to the small towns society. Normally in a situation like this the town would be experiencing polarization but due to the Vietnam War everyone in America was focused on the war “the war was THE issue”(pg.11.). Joe also shares his thoughts about the Neocon Party Line in chapter one which states that America makes enemies because we stand up for what we believe is morally right. But he feels now a days us the younger generations are a little more timid and we don’t necessarily do that. 

Regarding chapter six, Joe shares his opinions on how detrimental undocumented Immigrants can be to the American working class. He talks about how liberals give the impression to American working class people that they approve of slave-wage labor and that undocumented immigrants are taking public funds. Joe also states his opinion that the Bush admin and other businesses take advantage of the undocumented immigrants.

Chapters twenty talks about Obama being a feel good brand, and the American Identity. Chapter twenty two goes into how Americans live in a consumer society and how we are plugged in at the brainstem, also he talks about natural selection in this chapter and it is a survival of the wealthiest which has a lot to do with living in a consumer society.

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