Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball

I thought that this series of essays by Joe Bageant was interesting. Chapter 1 discussed the type of environment that a small town in the south can be when you are a liberal. Joe talks about different issues: complacency of different liberal generations, and how just because people (neocons) say that they are standing for “the American way” they are often standing for nothing at all, or at least all the wrong things. Chapter 6 discussed the struggle that Poot had with his job, and other issues with this. Looking at the big picture, other catastrophic events do not impact the small town individuals the way that, for example, losing a job can. Chapter 20 discussed the Obama era. Joe compared Obama to a feel-good brand, and then he talked about the other effects that this had on the American identity. In Chapter 22 Joe talked about the “survival of the wealthiest,” the not questioning of the American dream/way, and how we are a consumer society. I found this to be a thought provoking chapter.

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