Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball

Whew just whew! Joe Pageant is quite the character! In the intro we are told that this author posted mostly on his own website and wrote 2 books. He began writing as a small newspaper reporter and columnist. At 17 he enlisted in the Navy, also having farmed with horses, and other hard labor jobs, he seems to have worked intermittently and at various places.

His hometown of Winchester, VA, seems to have disagreed with him as he spent time living in France and Mexico while his wife continued to work and awaited retirement.

In the first chapter Joe explains his view of Liberalism in the south particularly in rural Virginia. He is not happy with the current liberal nor the current American in general. He equates ignorance with the white male in the south and insinuates there is no common sense left in America’s population. His harsh views of “NASCAR dads, gun lovers, and military members clearly shows his anger at other viewpoints than his own.

His opinion in the second chapter that 9/11 didn’t effect the everyday American is slightly skewed. There were many people in every state that knew someone or a family member that was involved in the Twin Towers, and certainly many had family or friends that ultimately went to Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe those were the years he was living outside of the U.S. Likewise his thoughts on Pearl Harbor were not realistic either. To say that most Americans would not have known WWII was even going on, is a narrow view of the entire situation.

The Obamarama chapter just makes me feel like he is cynical and full of anger at everything. His opinion of America’s democracy is low but at the same time is insulating to himself because the money he and his wife make allows him to travel and live in other countries.

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