Waltzing at the Domesday Ball

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Joe Bageant, an American writer, and essayist began his life in the rural South steeped in poverty.  Bageant raised himself from this life through his humor and intellect.  Having sold his first story for $5, he became a published author.  Bageant spent the next twelve years as a freelance journalist.  Eventually, Bageant stopped writing supporting himself through various hard-labor jobs before returning to the world of journalism, working as a newspaper reporter and editor.

Bageant, a self-proclaimed “redneck socialist” used the last decade of his life to rant and provide social commentary on the events important to him, and America.  A collection of his edited essays appears in Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball: the best of Joe Bageant, edited by Ken Smith.  “Howling in the Belly of the Confederacy,” originally published in March 2004, gives background information on Bageant which helps to understand his philosophies.

“It Ain’t Easy being White,” published in 2005, speaks to the demise of America through the election of Bush.  He believes America’s strongly dislikes Bucsh because he is a traitor to the white classes.  “A Rednick View of the Obamarama,” published in 2009 and “Live from Planet Nortre,” published in 2010 speak to the consumerism plaguing America.  Bageant comments on the belief of American to unlimited supplies of everything including natural resources leading to the America’s understanding of the American Dream.

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