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Cameron McKeon

This week’s readings were very interesting, but something that I found that caught my eye was the section about “The Anti-Business Machine.” I thought it was crazy how Dominion overcharged Virginia 10% of their commercial customers along with 24,000 Virginia businesses for three years. The fact the company was not going to omit this and the overcharging bill ran up towards $10 million overall through the years was mind-blowing. I don’t understand why a company would do this to their customers and businesses. The idea is to help everyone out, not to try to have people fork their good money over and screw with them. There always seems to be an excuse from company’s in these situations as Dominion said that they didn’t keep records that went back more than three years. Every business and person had records somewhere, so that has to be a lie. They also wanted to raise electricity rates, so that it could be even harder for people to pay those bills. This company is doing nobody any favors and this all seems to be corrupt because the customers are not getting straight answers and they are getting bills and overcharges for no reason and Dominion is not doing a thing about it, which is startling to me. All of the money that people were paying did not go to the government, but rather into the pocket of Dominion and then the company was basically using their customers good money for their benefit, which I think is against the law. I also could not believe that politicians were supporting Dominion. That also shows that even politicians are dishonest sometimes and you can’t always trust them and what they are campaigning for.

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