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The text The Virginia Way discusses the current issue of the pipeline project.  The Virginia Way focuses on resistance against this project by detailing stories of the pipeline going through personal property and the controversy surrounding Dominion Energy. This paper exemplifies the ethical problems the pipeline has raised. It says, “For opponents, then, stopping the pipeline was no longer a matter of legislation but of justice.” The beginning section is dedicated to the story of Red, a 61 year old woman who protested against the pipeline coming through her property by staying in a tree for 35 days. This act of defiance set off a string of other protests and activism.

The greater part of The Virginia Way details the contention regarding Dominion Energy and its relation to the pipeline project. The piece highlights Josh Stanfield’s protest against Dominion Energy’s monopoly in Virginia. Dominion Energy’s power monopoly goes against America’s capitalistic system. Additionally, the corporation is a supporter of the pipeline project. Stanfield was able to recruit politicians to stand against Dominion, and this quickly became a popular platform to adapt. However, Dominion navigated through the situation and was able to successfully manipulate legislation by providing money to candidates. As stated in this piece, there are two rules when it comes to Dominion Energy:

Rule 1: Dominion eventually gets what it wants. 

Rule 2: When someone disagrees, refer to rule 1.”

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