Virginia Climate Fever

The Virginia Climate Fever reading for this week was very interesting. This excerpt discusses climate change and the effect it may have on Virginia. In particular, the writer discusses about how he has visited many different places in Virginia where climate change would make impacts to global warming. The reading also showed different graphs. Most of the graphs showed a steady rise in temperature in Virginia. Another set of graphs also discuss about how the effects of Greenhouse gases in Virginia will warm up the winters here and one graph shows the percentage change in annual rainfall in Virginia. C02 was also discussed specifically in chapter 4, C02 in surplus is impacting the basic chemistry of the Chesapeake and the overall coast of Virginia which in the end impacts climate overall. Climate change in Virginia is also affecting the local wildlife. The excerpt discusses how global warming is destroying habitats in the wild which directly affects the animals living there. Most of the wildlife either migrate to different areas in which they can live or end up at a loss of life. A graph shown as Ecological flow in the article shows where animals migrate to as the climate continues to heat up because of humans. Unless we put in an effort to stop this, it will continue to get worse and worse. Luckily for Virginia, we have something called an exemplary tax incentive program discussed towards the end of the excerpt. This program promotes conservation easements which protects landscape. Hopefully, this program can be promoted to conservation of wildlife which would help it from the effects of climate change or global warming. If we continue efforts like this, we can combat this issue.

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