The Virginia Way

I liked the introduction’s focus on the human story of a woman attacked by eminent domain, and the entrenched political power of Dominion being challenged because of that story—and the many lawsuits which resulted. The detailed descriptions of Dominion’s monopolistic control over state electricity and gas utility show the perversity of the state government, which has allowed the company to proliferate for decades in this manner (Dominion’s “Virginia Way,” thus the title). A stunning Democratic wave in 2017 (ending in 51–49 Republican control of the House), led by anti-Dominion challengers who refused campaign donations from the company, upset the “Way.” It was humorous reading about Dominion’s abject failure at the instance of its attempt to acquire the South Carolina state utility. Dominion’s use of rate hikes to fund charitable donations to reduce tax burdens (and also pay off politicians through charities) was also concerning. In regard to the large-scale corruption evident in the 2018 rate hike revision measures, it is interesting to see Dominion’s tactics, especially now more evident with the increasing political and public opposition to the company. Dominion’s failure to push through the “double-dipping” provision showed the first weakness the company has, perhaps ever, and certainly for a very long time, seen; and I am interested to see how the company fares in the future.

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