The Virginia Way Summary – Kareem Dhillon

The Virginia Way was very intriguing to read. It begins talking about a woman who goes by the name of Theresa “Red” Terry. Theresa, who was a sixty-one-year-old grandmother, did her best to defend and protest for her property which was being taken away from her in attempts for the Mountain Valley pipeline. The pipeline was also stripping land away from many other Virginia residents. Theresa protested this by climbing a tree and waiting for the crew to leave her land. They also violated her basic human rights by withholding food and water. The story became one of the top news headlines. The article also discussed Dominion. Dominion as a company consisted of a government electrical company which was also held within a natural gas corporation. Also, Dominion held two thirds of the energy power in Virginia. I thought that these two facts about Dominion were very interesting. Dominion holding two thirds of energy meant Dominion was very powerful in that industry and not to be messed with.

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