The Virginia Way Blog Post; By Nick

The Virginia Way excerpt was a really detalied and well written piece. It started off talking about the 61 year old grandma who had had this property in her family for generations. Virginia and its law makers had other plans though. When the Virginia legislatives voted for the Mountian Valley pipeline they were yanking land from all over to get it done but Theressa Red Terry was not going down without a fight so she climbed a tree and protested from above. It was really sad to read Virgina was making her out to be the bad guy even though they were witholding food unless she got down from her stand. She made the headlines as well. The article also touched on Dominions long time pupatering of Virginia by holding nearly two thirds of sale of energy in VA. There was some people like the old attourney general who wanted to stop this though. I also found out that during Trumps term he took power away from the hard working citizens of Virginia and gave it back to big corrperations like Dominon who only like Virginia for a profit but he didnt realize he was creating a movement to overthrow big cooperations like Domion. One problem for dominon has hit and thats that it has started to turn on the voters and poloticans are starting to listen. So to conclude never mess with the Virginian way.

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