Pocahontas Exception

This article discusses the Racial Integrity Act. This act made marriage between a white person and a non-white person illegal. For this article in particular, we are looking at native Americans and how this affected marriages and future families. During this time individuals who were one-sixteenth or less Native American were considered white… this is going to end up causes issues. The creation of the Pocahontas Exception allowed interracial children to be legally seen as white. This exception was a result of Pocahontas and John Rolfe’s relationship because Rolfe was white man and Pocahontas was a Native American woman. This idea is interesting to me but not shocking, because during this time the US was very focused on keeping the “white lineage” in families and not creating interracial relationships. This idea of white and non-whites not being able to marry is brought up again in Loving v. Virginia, which is focusing on African Americans and whites marrying each other. I have always found it interesting but also irritating that people in power put so much energy and time into keeping people apart, when who someone loves is no ones business besides the ones in the relationship.

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