Oral Histories – Rappahannock River

James Pitt

I really liked James, because I too think that large machinery is interesting, I think he story about wanting to see the steam boat is really funny and interesting. I also think it is cool how he was able to catch a ride to colonial beach and bum a ride back home from random people. I like how he discribes walking around colonial beach and looking at all the stores, it is interesting to see these moments through the eyes of someone else. His story about the stock market crash not affecting him as much because he grew up with nothing was aslo interesting to me. He also mentions the shad and herring that used to be very plentiful on the river. During the war he talked about becoming a machinist, which he thought would be hard, but they needed people so he got the job easily.

John Tippet

John was very interesting. His story about working to get rid of the Embrey Dam was interesting. I remember when I was in middle school watching the Dam get blown up on TV. I think it was around 2004-5. The teachers made it seem like a huge deal, but then the explosion was really small and lame and we were all disappointed. We waited for a long time to see it, and then it did not even exlode when it was supposed to, and then when it did, the explosion was really small and underwhelming. Still, it is interesting to meet the guy that was intrumental in that event that I will always remember for the rest of my life.

Chief Anne Richardson

I was interested to hear about Native American life from Anne, I do not know as much about thier culture as I would like, but I thought that she was interesting and clearly has a lot of information regarding her culture and the history of her people. I thougth it was really cool that all the presenters mention similar things about the river and what it means to them. She also mentioned the shad and herring. I thought it was interesting to hear about how her tribe was attacked by the Senaca Tribe and the Susequhana Tribe. I know both of those words since they relate to geographical locations. One is a river and the other is a very cool rock formation in West Virgnia’s Cannan Valley. It was sad to hear about the native american diaspora over the years, what with the wars and then the racism causing a lot of them to depart for the Northern States. I was also cool to hear about how her tribe saved another tribe from slavery by hiding them and helping them escape.

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