The First Articles discusses the issues facing Ethiopian Immigrants. It discusses the issues of cultural assimilation and the choices that affect how they identify. I think it was intriguing how they react in different situations. I know other second generation individuals of immigrant families, they usually retain their ability to speak the language, but not the same appreciation for this culture or mannerisms. It’s interesting how the role of schools can affect assimilation, you see that in the previous weeks articles concerning ESL class, in affecting how different groups intergrate into a new society.

The second articles, Hybrid Sensibilities” also by Chacko, discusses the issues that many Asian-Indian first generation immigrants have to deal with when they first immigrated to america. I think it is interesting that they believed that they would have an easy time with their assimilation, but they were the victims of ignorance in many cases. I also thought it was interesting that many of them were highly educated, but they did not always translate well into American society in they way that they may have thought. Also the aftermath of 9/11 and what many had to deal with was sad to hear.

The third article. Feminised financial flows: how gender affects
remittances in Honduran–US transnational families” by Allison J. Petrozziello, talks about the concept of remittance in regard to Honduran immigrants. I thought this was interesting, because, even thought I was familiar with the concept of remittance, I did not actually know the phrase that discribed the concept. I think it was interesting hwo the article speaks about how the money the individuals send back to their country sometimes becomes the only way in which they feel a connection with their children and the people they left behind. Finally, it disucsses ways in which policy can be crafted to assist these people to a smoother immigration process.

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