New Immigrants

The Latinization of Central Shenandoah Valley discusses the large influx of Latino individuals and families in the Harrisonburg area. In many southern states, including Virginia, many immigrants are planting themselves in rural communities. The author created the term Latinization as a way to describe the dramatic growth of the Latino population in Harrisonburg. This diversity brings forth many other idea sand challenges such as affordable housing, employment, new cultural interests, and education. Many immigrants find work in the poultry and apple industry throughout the Central Shenandoah Valley. Along with the work within poultry and apple industry Harrisonburg also has been known for its involvement with refugee settlement programs and active local churches which is appealing to immigrant families and individuals.

In Perfectly American we read that although America has been a place of refugee settlement for decades the opinions of the nations are still diverse. Many people point to the “characteristics of Americans” when making their opinions on refugees. For example, many describe refugees as “hard workers” or “ready to work” which brings a positive outlook to the label. The label “refugee” tends to spark questions regarding identity as refugees, as immigrants, and as Americans.

Defining Immigrant Newcomers in New Destinations talks about immigration in Williamsburg Virginia. This new “immigration destination” has brought about a variety of media coverage. The media and others within the Williamsburg community tend to point out the “local boundaries” between them and the “others” which has an impact on immigrant communities. With immigration comes population growth and economic development follows as a result which is seen as positive and challenging. As Williamsburg continues to become a “new destination” the housing market, education system, and job field have to adjust to the demographic and culture transition as it arises.

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