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This was an interesting read about a South Asian Immigrants’ experience of coming to the United States by the name of Deepak Singh. Upon arrival to the states, it was a very big difference to the way of life Singh was used to back in India. He struggled to find a job even with his MBA degree. Most jobs deemed him unfit partially because of his background and partially because most employers didn’t think he had the necessary experience for the work. Despite Singh’s hard work in obtaining an MBA, it clearly didn’t transfer over to when he moved to the United States, at least to the employers. Eventually, Singh got a minimum wage job at an electronics store as a salesman. However, even at his job he struggled mainly because of his accent. People didn’t think he was speaking English because of his accent when he was clearly speaking it. There were other bad experiences at his job as well. Singh was mistakenly seen as a Middle Eastern man and even asked about it. Not only once, but consistently asking different things about Middle Eastern culture. These assumptions were just made by his boss with no thought. This was just a fraction of his experience in the United States. Because of his skin color, he was treated differently and stereotyped a lot. The thing is, he never initially planned on moving to America until he married a US woman. After marriage, he moved here for his wife and immediately experienced a culture shock. Despite everything, Singh kept going and eventually moved up in the ranks at his job and succeeded.

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