Fight for the Bay

In Fight for the Bay, Ernst explains why a “dark green”environmental movement is needed. He references people from Tangier island and how intertwined with the environment they are, they believe that degradation to the environment is degradation to human kind. Other beliefs of this way of thinking include: the right to clean air, clean water, and protecting endangered species/ natural environments because everyone has the right to experience those as well. In contrast, the other modern environmental movement is “light green.” People who fall into this category view preserving the environment as a responsibility more than a right. This branch is less political than the dark green movement, and this difference is the direction that the remainder of the book goes. While Ernst was critical over other attempts to revive the Bay, I think that this is the difference he was trying to point out between the light/dark green movements. The dark green movement seems to be more accountable because of the way it is ingrained into the people.

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