Fight For The Bay

Essentially, Fight For The Bay is a text that discusses the environmental ramifications of humans destroying the Chesapeake Bay through a political lens. Environmental issues are political issues, and the Chesapeake Bay is becoming a “political dead zone” because nothing is being done about it. I was interested in the green theories because one basically suggested that humans are not solely responsible for the environment as they are part of it, whereas the other theory suggested that humans are to be good stewards of the environment and fight to protect it. I had heard some things in the news about how the crabs of the Chesapeake Bay were at risk, etc., but I had no idea how big of an issue this actually was until reading this text. I was glad to hear of the projects that various scientists/activists have been engaging in to “save” the bay. It is unfortunate that cost/politics play such a role in this issue, because it seems like saving the bay would ultimately be economically beneficial to the state (i.e. seafood production, jobs, etc.)?

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