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In the book Fight for the Bay, it talks about the government refusal to protect the well-being of a valuable environmental privilege. The author Howard Ernst tells the story of how a full of life Chesapeake bay managed to lose its charm, worth, and become practically dead. He argues on the point that the Chesapeake Bay was forsaken by the environmental movement that was supposed to be protecting the bay. That now due to a new and more commonly used philosophy of compromise or back down approach. It has sparked a political standstill on decisive political decisions to help make difficult decisions needed to create actual improvement to the Bay. 

While Howard Ernst was extremely harsh in his response to the current and previous failed attempts to revive the Bay in the book. Howard still gives off the impression that there is still hope and a chance to change and put forth the right effort needed to save the bay. He believes it is time to stop trying to find a economic profit that can go along with the preservation of the bay, but to focus on only the preservation of the bay, and forget the economic side of it all.

Towards the end of the book it finishes up with influential activists providing primary accounts of the efforts they put in to protecting the bay. Along with their opinions of how we should move forward with the protection of the bay. The names of the activists were Gerald W. Winegard, Anne Pearson, Bernie Fowler, Tyla Matteson, and Mike Shay. Howard wrote about these five specifically because he probably believed that they deserved special recognition for all the work they put into protecting the bay.

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