Chesapeake Requiem

This week’s reading on the Chesapeake Requiem discusses the Island of Tangier. The excerpt, written by Earl Swift discusses the overall lifestyle on the island and the danger coming to it. The danger is that the island is slowly sinking. Due to the melting of the glaciers and global warming due to human activity, the water levels are rising causing Tangier Island to sink. However, the people on the island don’t believe it is the cause. Swift states the people on the island believe erosion is taking the island away. Either way, the island is sinking, and people are leaving. Sadly, the island will eventually be completely submerged and gone. The overall lifestyle of the people on Tangier has swayed from a unique lifestyle to leaving the island and finding elsewhere to live. Tangier was known for its blue crab market. Now that the island is sinking, the blue crab market has tanked as well. Not only for humans, but the crabs as well. The change in sea level has ruined the way the crabs used to live. It has disrupted the overall lifestyle of Tangier Island. Eventually, everyone will have to leave the island as it will no longer be live able for humans, and we already see that trend as people leave and the island continues to sink.

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