Charlotteville 2017

This expert first starts off with the story of Zyhana Bryant and her petition to the city council of Charlottesville to remove the statue of Robert E Lee. However, her petition caused high tension for those who wanted to keep the statue, along with the Stonewall Jackson statue. Those who wanted to keep the statues fought really hard to keep them up by saying and using free speech, even though the statues were meant for nothing other than mocking and shedding a bad image on African American people. Eventually, the Robert E Lee statue was voted to be torn down while the stonewall jackson statue was changed to To present a more positive aspect of its history. Following that on August 11th and 12th,  protesters, along with the KKK,  showed up and eventually caused a riot after hearing the news of the changes to the statues. The riot was so violent that it caused a death and many injured others. I remember seeing a video of the riot in class freshmen or sophomore year of college and it was scary seeing people get so violent like that to the brink of running over protestors with cars. This violent riot made news coverage all over Charlottesville and the rest of the country.

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