Charlottesville Riot

This article discusses the 2017 Charlottesville controversies surrounding the Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee monuments. These figures were confederate generals during the Civil war. This article goes into both sides of the argument on what to do with the monument. One point made to keep the statue was to represent southern pride, which I personally think is ridiculous because there are so many other ways to represent southern heritage. The other point made was how these statues feel threatening to the black community. It’s interesting to read more about these statues and this event because I remember this having large news coverage and being a heated debate between people I knew. Zyhana Bryant petitioned to the city council to remove these statues due to racist tensions and this petition was met by many white supremecists. The KKK and other supporters of these statues argued for freedom of speech which broke out into a riot resulting in the death of Heather Heyer and many injuries. This tragedy was a statement as to how ignorant and careless people can be. A life was lost for a statue that disempowers black people and still these people do not see the error in their ways.

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