Charlottesville Riot – Rebecca

The Charlottesville Riot all began in 2016 when the mounting of the Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee monuments took place. These monuments symbolized white supremacy and slavery so this wasn’t a light matter to the community. There were two sides behind this riot, one side wanting to keep the monuments (the KKK) to represent and maintain southern pride. The other side wanted them completely removed because they were seen as a threat to the black community, which in my opinion I would want them removed too.
This further leads into a ninth-grade student named Zyhana Bryant who started the petition to have these monuments removed because she wanted change. This was an amazing thing to read because advocating not only for yourself but an entire community at that age is a huge thing. Not only did the petition come about, but the whole city of Charlottesville (with others joining in) came together to protest. There was a lot of racist tensions considering the KKK wanted freedom of speech. The entire time members of the KKK were waving their Nazi flags and destroying everything (including the monuments) with the swastika symbols. They even took is as far as taking an innocent life (Heather Heyer) which should of never happened.
It was clear that white supremacy was still on the rise and something needed to change immediately. The University of Virginia (UVA) stepped in and tried to do what they could to educate people and students on the matter and minimize harm.

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