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This article is discussing the leading events, the day, and the after effects of what happened in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Growing up in this city and living through this moment I will forever remember not only the day itself but the resulting influence. It went through and both discussed the origin and importance of the Stonewall Jackson Monument and the Robert E. Lee Monument. Since the point of argument for people to keep the monuments is their remembrance of southern pride but the article provides an alternate understanding how these statues were imposed with the intent to threaten black people. 

For the author the events that resulted in the tragedy, the death of Heather Heyer, changed the meaning of the Lee statue forever, because not only was the historical significance important but there was new blood on the statue that would forever stain it. There were two differing opinions on the statue between those who thought the depressing and racist history meant it should be removed and others who thought the entire point of history is remembering the past to make change in the future. As previously mentioned this argument to keep these racist statues as a sign of southern pride or remembering the past ignores the clear aggressions towards minority groups. While these white supremacist protesters were able to come into Charlottesville and cause this tragedy and turmoil they were as easily gone leaving the local citizens to pick up the pieces. These new changes that were proposed for the historical monuments were to emphasize the historical aspect rather than just having a place that does not teach about the rights or wrongs from the past. While there is no way to know how to handle these situations it is interesting to tread on the fine line that is keeping the historical perspectives alive while also bringing awareness to the dark past. It is clear however when learning about the negative effects of leaving this reminder up for the community that removing the statues could improve the environment for people of color in the city. The city also used the important and well known University of Virginia to provide insight into the issue and research possible solutions. Through the history of anti semitic views and white supremacy one would never imagine that in 2017 these ideas would come to full view in this town in central Virginia. Anti semitism comes from these superstitious concerns that change overtime coming into a full modern understanding. This way of thinking can be adopted by anyone at any time and because of its accessibility it made the rally cries of those with the point of view at the concern about the decisions being made in Charlottesville span more than just the people of the city. 

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