Charlottesville 2017

Back in 2016, a 9th grader by the name of Zyhana had an assignment about potential change in the world. She wanted to remove the Lee Statue as it had no other reason but to spread hate. She proposed this by making a petition. This petition made its way up the ranks to being considered. Not only was the Robert E. Lee statue in the works of being removed, but the Stonewall Jackson statue was also being considered too. All seemed well and simple until the resistance of racial groups such as the KKK. These groups were trying their best in keeping these statues up by using terms such as free speech. The statues had nothing good in any way tied to it. In fact, they were built for the sole purpose of mocking colored people. Eventually, the statues were voted to be changed in different ways. The Lee statue was voted to be torn down while the Jackson statue was changed in a way to show a better side of its history. When this happened, protesters emerged specifically on August 11th and August 12th. When protesters like the KKK showed up, the counter protesters showed as well to try and fight back. This ultimately turned from a protest to an all-out riot. Unfortunately, the riots were so violent that it resulted in the death of a 32-year-old woman. What seemed like a small request turned into something more than it should’ve and somebody lost their life because of something so small. Ever since that day, the community as well as the University of Virginia decided that they wanted to do better in a way to unite the public more than ever for a brighter future. It is very unfortunate that it takes a very bad tragedy like this in order to make changes in the world. There is too much hatred towards one another which results in unnecessary conflicts. It is understandable that people have different views, but there is no excuse to hurt an innocent person.

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