Blog Post- Colonization

One aspect of the interview that immediately stuck out to me while watching the interview with Chief Anne Richardson is how Eurocentric their name is. For one, the name Anne has a Latin/French Origin and their last name, Richardson, has a Germanic origin. With the added fact that, as Chief Richardson mentioned, the name “Rappahannock tribe” was coined by the English, not the native born people that were settled there in the first place. These are the horrid results of colonization flourishing in the 21st century. It wasn’t just land that was taken, but also people, culture, and very being of the people themselves are forcibly assimilated into white culture through the decades of raping and pillaging of Native Americans. In short: Natives like Chief Anne Richardson are the product of being bred out of existence.

While I’m not the too familiar with machinery, I can’t help but at least appreciate that James Pitt is really into steam boats. While I’m no expert on the eco friendliness of them and they might be horrendous for the environment, they look really cool. It was pretty cool overall hearing about his story and how much he loved hanging out on the edge of the Rappahannock.

Listening to John Tippett reminded me of when I was in middle school. I had a science teacher in 6th grade that would talk to us about the growing pollution problem in the Rappahannock river from corporations constantly dumping waste and sewage in the river. One day, she took us down to the area to test the Ph balance of the the river. I say all that because I saw some similarities of that experience and Tippett’s conversation of undamming the Embrey river because of the adverse affects.

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