Blog 1: The Virginia Way- Shauna Clayton

I was captivated by the story of Red’s tree-sitting demonstration against the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which endangered their property. I found it quite absurd that they withheld providing her with food and water until she came down from the tree. I had no idea that a law from 2004 allowed gas companies to enter private property without permission. The text digs into the debates surrounding Old Dominion, emphasizing their production and delivery of power across two-thirds of the state as well as their use of their monopoly to generate profits. The information that Dominion was allowed to use public cash to sway political decisions drew my interest. Politicians were skillfully recruited by Josh Stanfield to oppose Dominion, and this view quickly gained traction. However, Dominion successfully navigated the obstacle and influenced legislation by endorsing particular candidates financially. It was interesting to read about Dominion’s influence on voters and politicians, as well as the continuous struggle to counter that influence.

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